Today’s Truth Plus: Knowing, Sewing, Textiles, Trends and Docs

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Who Made Your Clothes and Do You Care? (Etsy Blog via Selectism, 8/10/11) This short video sums up part of the raison d’etre of Truth Plus. While so many people are interested in where and how their food was made, they don’t think much at all about the origin or manufacturing of their clothing.

Back to the Simple Life, With Needle and Thread (Robbins, 8/5/11) There are others still, like Sarah Kate Beaumont, featured here, who love to sew and to teach others how to make clothing. I’m on board with Project Slow Clothes.

The History, Chemistry, and Application of Indigo (Stylesight Blog, 8/4/11) The history and science of what makes your jeans blue.

The Muddy Roots of Fine Linen (Passariello, WSJ, 8/3/11) Another great, in-depth look at a classification of textiles.

Pendleton: Born in the USA and still going strong (Moore, LA Times, 8/5/11) A nice profile of Portland, Oregon’s Pendleton Woolen Mills. Glad to see the LA Times doing these sorts of pieces. And I’m looking forward to shopping the company’s new Portland Collection later this month.

When Patents Attack (This American Life, 7/22/11) I forgot to include this the other week, when economic news took precedence, but I heard this piece on NPR about patent trolls, and thought it was worth a listen. A patent troll is defined as “a person or company that enforces its patents against one or more alleged infringers in a manner considered (by the party using the term) unduly aggressive or opportunistic, often with no intention to manufacture or market the patented invention.” In this era of entrepreneurship, with small businesses and new tech sites launching daily, the protection of intellectual property has become crucial. But trolls aren’t truly protecting anyone or anything but financial gain. They own patents that no one is aware of, and then extort money from the small businesses and start-ups that they claim are stealing them. Ugly business.

The Tyranny of Trends (8/5/11) From social norms, to fast fashion, to the environmental impact of manufacturing, Former UK Fashion Editor Charty Durrant covers a lot of ground. She mentions a number of anecdotes and books I hadn’t been familiar with previously.

China Blue Trailer Kathleen Fassanella of Fashion Incubator first tweeted about this documentary trailer about the realities of working in a Chinese factory. It’s a few years old, and only one account, but I’m planning on watching it.

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