Today’s Truth Plus: History of a Cheap Dress, Bricoleurs, Wu’s Craftsmanship, Industry Accolytes and The Vogue Intern

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The History of A Cheap Dress (Cline, The Etsy Blog, 5/31/11) Elizabeth Cline is a writer and activist after my own heart. Her goal is to educate shoppers on the history and current state of clothing consumption, and to encourage them to think more carefully about how they spend their dollars. The question is, can we stop the ‘need more now’ fast fashion epidemic or is it here to stay?

The Accidental Bricoleurs (Horning, n+1, 6/3/2011) Another gritty look into how fast fashion companies have succeeded financially and psychologically. Horning posits that these retailers don’t even have to brand themselves because their identities belong to their customers. The companies are simply calculating how fast and how cheaply they can get goods to the clamoring masses. I sometimes feel conflicted about Forever 21 in particular — their rock-bottom prices make it possible for more people to feel fashionable on a budget, especially young women. But of course I also feel that the company is exploiting both their garment workers and their consumer in convincing them that constantly wearing something new is the quickest path to popularity.  This is a great and well-written piece; while some of the sociological/economic thoughts are a bit dense, it’s definitely worth reading. *Thanks 1GalRevolution for tweeting this:)

Jason Wu’s new website features a craftsmanship section that’s lovely and educational. It’s something I think more high-end design brands need to be doing more of.

Broke In the City: Events (Meinhardt, Fashionista, 6/6/2011) The tale of a plucky young fashion industry worker attending a glamourous event and feeling out of place yet slightly giddy brought back memories for me. At the same time, it makes me think that with the huge influx of young interns in fashion, how many young women must be feeling this way.  I might have felt a slight rush when meeting or rubbing elbows with an industry or Hollywood celeb, but I always looked at the bigger picture. Better to keep your eyes on a career than on being the life of the party.

The Vogue Intern: Katie Ermilio (Zolapany, NY Times, 5/31/2011) I was remiss in adding this last week but wanted to post this great piece about Truth Plus Friend, designer Katie Ermilio. I think she has a really bright future ahead of her.

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